Three Shoe Priorities!

Updated: Mar 5

I don't know about you, but have you ever walked into your closet and did not have a pair of black shoes for an interview or your first day at work? That was my life! I did not understand how I had a zebra pair of shoes but not a BASIC BLACK SHOE!

To start, you just need three pairs of shoes. I recommend in order of importance: black, natural, and leopard. You can spend as little or as much as you want, just make sure you can stand for 4 hours, walk, carry things, and run in them. Stores/brands that I love range from economical stores/brands - Citi Trends, TJ Maxx, and Ann Taylor, to the pricey, I never need eat out brands - Valentino, Jimmy choo, and selective low heel Christian Louboutin’s!

Whatever you choose have fun, but be responsible!

One tip about purchasing shoes is to wait until a good sale, especially if you're eyeing a pricey brand. The stores that have the best sales are below and the best time for a good sale is DEC - APR. Check out my Instagram for sale alerts. The only rule to follow here is...

Rule One: THREE pairs of shoes to start

1. Black

2. Tan, white, or your neutral

3. Leopard or Tortoise

Stores to Shop



Your local discount shoe store

TJ Maxx


Nordstrom Rack

Ann Taylor

Veronica Beard

Tony Bianco

Neiman Marcus


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