Basics + Personality are Wardrobe Life!

Updated: Mar 5

When buying clothing for work, this is the time to be basic with a splash of personality!

It was 7 am and I was fully sunken into my foam mattress that I found on super clearance. I was not budging, or I thought. Unfortunately, adulting means that I have bills to pay and would need to be out the door for work in 30 mins! I showered for 20 minutes and did a dance for 3 minutes! Oh gosh, 7 minutes left. I ran to my closet and was met with a closet full of bodycon dresses, patterned skirts, ruffled tops, and black pants with a weird zipper on the side. I had no idea what I was going to wear. I had one more minute, so I just threw on the same black and white pant outfit that I always wear.

"Don't you hate having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?!"

As I drove to work, I started thinking, that maybe I just have a closet full of all the wrong pieces. Perhaps, if I built a wardrobe of basic colors and patterns, I would have a better chance of piecing together an outfit quickly. I decided to give it a try and over the next two years, I invested in basic solid colored clothing and a few items that expressed my personality.

Once I had all my basics, life was happening! I could sleep in, wake up rushing, throw a few pieces together and “POW” I would walk out the house like a fierce catwalk model! I learned that...

"Basics are Wardrobe Life!"

When building your wardrobe, this is the time to be basic! You want pieces that you can wear all year around, mix and match, and last for 7+ years. Seventy five percent of your wardrobe should be basic solid colors that compliment your skin and simple patterns. Simple patterns are dots, stripes, and surprisingly leopard is now considered a simple neutral pattern. What’s great about your basics are that you can mix and match them easily because any combination will look great! The other 25% of your wardrobe should be an assortment of clothing items, accessories, or lip colors that express your personality. When you combine basics with your personality, you’ll feel confident and perform better at work. For example my outfit above consist of a basic brown top, basic green bottom, and my personality comes out fiercely in my floral blazer.

So, the rules to follow are below. Plus check out the outfit looks for more examples.

Rule One: Keep it BASIC

Pick pieces that are solid in color or have a minimal pattern (stripes, dots, and leopard).

Rule Two: A good outfit consists of FOUR pieces

1. Basic Top

2. Basic Bottom

3. Personality piece

4. Basic Shoes

Rule Three: SMILE

Work is hard and smiling will help you stay positive and focused.


Timeless refers to well-constructed fabrics that can last for 7+ years.

Basic piece refers to a top, bottom, or dress that is solid in color or has a minimal pattern and can be worn with many things. A dress is considered a top and bottom.

Personality piece is how you express your personality through a bold lip color, accessory, fun pattern like houndstooth, gingham, floral, plaid, or a very bright color.

Shoes - Check out the "Three Shoe Priorities" blog post below.

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