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I'm Alexis and I'm currently in the middle of a "just hit 30's questioning my life decisions phase!" I went to college and received a Ph.D. in Chemistry! BUT I should have went to fashion school. Since that's not my life, currently I am working for a nice company in coporate America and decided to make the office my catwalk with the limitations of professionalism. I created this blog to help women find their confidence in dressing great for work and to live out my fashion dream. One thing that I've learned from the whole college and dream experience is, be happy and follow your heart. Be a singer, an artist, try fashion, be a doctor, but don't let anyone convince you not to follow your dream. If you didn't follow your dream, find a way to incorporate what you love into your current situation until you have the ability to walk away and into your dream life. Make it work!  

I shop at many different stores and experiment with different styles and fabrics to put together outfits that I think look fabulous and capture many personalities for work in any setting that does not require a uniform. I then share the rules of how I put the outfit together and the outfits that worked. I also give tips on stores to shop and tricks to save money as you build your dream work wardrobe.

This blog offers work wardrobe rules and tips to help alleviate the struggle of wondering how to put a work outfit together, what to wear to an interview, and everything work wardrobe related. I hope you take these rules as guidelines and incorporate your own personality and spunk into creating outfits you love! 

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