Welcome to Your Work Closet 

Your Outfit Rules 

It's 8:30 am and you're running late for work! You run to your closet and it's full of clothes but you have no time to put an outfit together. You grab the same work outfit that you wear every Monday. Frustrated, you drive to work wondering why you can’t look put together like Molly (or whatever her name is) with her lovely outfits. I’ve been there and I discovered dressing for work can be simple, quick, and fun. The key is having the right work pieces in your closet. Click on the rules below to discover how to build your functional work closet.

Check out the looks

These looks are examples of the outfit rules. Incorporate your own style and personality by substituting colors, patterns, accessories, etc. Have fun! 

The best dressed  

Challenge yourself by creating outfits using the "The Rules" and "The Looks" for a visual guide. Send me a picture on Instagram and the best dressed will receive a work closet  item. The best dressed will be selected every 3 months. 

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